Terms and Conditions

METAIRFARE is an online travel portal that makes it easy to book flights from the United States to India and answers all of your questions before you buy. Customers are urged to read the Terms and Conditions carefully before using any of METAIRFARE services. These Terms and Conditions represent an overarching agreement and understanding between the 2 parties. As a result, by purchasing a ticket on ‘METAIRFARE.com,’ you are agreeing to all of these Terms and Conditions excluding reservation. We reserve the right to edit or change the policies at any time. Any policy changes will be announced and updated on the site.

1) General Terms & Conditions
  • a) Eligibility – Anyone over the age of 18 with the requisite authorization to travel across national borders can purchase Metairfare’s services.
  • b) Payments – We accept Payments through:
  • Discover
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Visa
  • Bank Transfer/ NEFT
  • ZellePay
  • CASH

Payment is required for all commodities and services delivered and insured by the Organization before the departure of flight.

  • c) Prices:The Organization’s brochure(s)/quotation prices are in USD or its equivalent in another currency. In the event of currency volatility and/or modifications in different currency fluctuations and/or fuel prices prior to boarding, the Organization has the right to raise the surcharge. Whenever a price rise like this happens, it must be paid in full.

There will be no refund requests accepted after the booking has been made.

The below mentioned are NOT there as a part of the cost:

  • Extra baggage charges
  • Port charges
  • Custom fees
  • Immigration fees
  • Airport parking
  • Inspection fees
  • Cost of passports and Visas
  • Departure taxes levied by foreign governments

If any of the aforementioned items are included in the offer description, the charges will be included in the bundle.

  • d) Issuing Travel Documents – The traveler must ensure that the information provided for the issuance of travel documents is accurate. METAIRFARE has no responsibility if erroneous information is provided and the process is hampered.

Under any name, only the individual who placed the order and approved our Terms and Conditions will obtain the travel documents.

  • e) Cancellations and Modification Policy –Ticket cancellations are governed by our Cancellation and Modifications Policy, which differs from offer to offer. The customer can examine the policy via email before making a reservation. Please contact us by email or calling our toll-free number if you have any questions.

Based on political or environmental changes, we are unable to control the rescheduling of flight timings and itineraries. We are forced to abandon or change confirmed reservations in these circumstances.

We make a serious effort not to interrupt our customers’ comfort, but in the event of an emergency, we retain the right to do so. If there are any changes, we will notify you as soon as possible, and we will be pleased to make preparations that are more suitable for you.

We will offer you at least one flight of equivalent quality to the one you had originally booked ( you will not have to pay any more price). We will repay the difference if the tickets become less priced unexpectedly. It is totally up to you whether you reap the benefits of the other offer that has been made available to you. You will claim a refund if you choose not to accept it.

*Please note that the above choices do not apply if the modification is modest and does not result in a specific delay.

Important: Unless otherwise mentioned in the offer description, all airline ticket bookings are normally non-refundable.

CHANGES AFTER PURCHASE : Every change to reservations made after they have been made are subject to airline fare regulations. Flight times and dates may change depending on payment confirmation and availability. Additional charges may be imposed if the verification is made outside of the stipulated time range.

The agent’s administrative and bill fees will be taken from the reimbursement money in the event of cancellations, according to the agreement.

  • f) Insurance – METAIRFARE does not provide insurance services and is not liable for any customer losses that are not covered by insurance. As a result, we advise all passengers to acquire their insurance individually before embarking on any travel. Our customer service representatives can convey you to insurance firms to help you with your trip plans. However, it is the exclusive obligation of the traveler to investigate the company’s reliability.
  • g) Valid Visas, Passports – This is not our obligation to ensure that the consumer has all appropriate visas and passports before departure. To travel by air outside of the United States, you’ll need an authentic passport and a travel visa. The traveler must guarantee that he has the above two and that he also has the other travel papers provided by METAIRFARE based on information provided by the customer.

*Passports valid for six months beyond the projected in your itinerary at the end are required for international trips from the United States to India. Traveling with no visa to a country where one is necessary (India requires at least a tourist visa) might result in jail till you can be returned, which is contingent on the accessibility of return tickets.

It is your obligation to double-check the details of any pre-arrangements that must be made before you travel, and to confirm that you have valid documentation, have received the necessary vaccinations, and have received all necessary permissions. We are not liable for any lags caused by the aforementioned concerns. We shall not compensate you if you are not able to board your scheduled flight due to your failure to match these standards.

  • h) Marketing Materials – METAIRFARE solely uses photos and descriptions to describe its services for the purpose of referrals. We cannot guarantee that the services or circumstances described in our blogs or elsewhere on the site will be available at the destinations depicted.

The material on our site comes from a variety of sources, some of which cannot be completely verified and may be erroneous. As a result, travelers are recommended to use their own judgment.

  • i) Limitation of Liability – METAIRFARE is merely a facilitator and will not be held ACCOUNTABLE for any indirect, incidental, exemplary, or punitive damages (without any limitation). METAIRFARE will not be liable for damage claims that result in a loss of opportunity and exceed the whole sum given by the customer under the agreement.
  • j) Local Customs and Laws – Traveling to a distant country exposes the traveler to new norms and laws that he may not be familiar with. As a result, the traveler must be prepared to deal with the risks. The fact that our services are available means that the traveler understands this and accepts no responsibility for any unjustified experiences he or she may have after disembarking from the plane, or even during the flight.

Disclaimer of Warranties – Unless otherwise noted, all services on offer are provided on a “As Available” basis.


2) Air Travel Services

General conditions governing air transport In terms of air travel, Metairfare’s responsibilities are confined to facilitating your air ticket bookings. METAIRFARE does not have the authority to dictate the type of aircraft operated by any airline. METAIRFARE also has no control over any additional fees imposed by a certain airport or airline. METAIRFARE is also not liable for any damages incurred as a result of airline cancellations, route changes, or seat changes. The airlines have complete control over flight timetables and schedules. METAIRFARE will not be held liable for such modifications and will not issue refunds for missed flights as a result of such occurrences.

If the second flight is scheduled to depart from a different airport after a stop-over, you will be responsible for your own transportation to the new airport. METAIRFARE will not compensate you for this, and will not be held liable if you miss your next flight.

METAIRFARE will not be held liable for any delays or schedule changes caused by labor conflicts, strikes, or weather conditions.

3) Eligibility – Residents of the United States, its possessions, protectorates, and territories, who have all of the necessary power and authority to engage into and perform the duties that under Terms and Conditions, may purchase the Services supplied by Metairfare. To buy a METAIRFARE Trip, passengers must be at least 18 years old.

4) Modification of Our Terms and Conditions – We reserve the right to amend or modify our Terms and Conditions at any time and without notice, with the knowledge that certain modifications will not be applicable to Trips booked before the amendment or change. It is also critical that you read and accept our Terms and Conditions before making a reservation, especially to ascertain which terms are in effect at the time, in case they have altered since last time you placed orders with METAIRFARE or checked our Terms and Conditions.

5) Prices – Our tariffs are contractual tariffs, which means that once a reservation is made, no claims considering the cost of a trip will be addressed. Unless otherwise mentioned in the offer’s description, the following items are not included in the advertised price:

  • travel insurance including health, accidents, lost baggage and trip cancellation
  • port charges
  • items of a personal nature like laundry & incidentals
  • tips and gratuities
  • excess baggage charges
  • costs of Passports or Visas
  • inspection fees
  • naturalization and immigration fees
  • service fees
  • foreign government departure taxes
  • single room supplement
  • customs fees
  • any other items or activities not expressly advertised as included in the price of a travel in the description of the offered travel
  • airport parking

6) Cancellation- The policies for cancellation and changes differ depending on the service or vacation purchased. If you require additional information, please contact our customer service representatives at the time of purchase or before.

Amendments Bestowed to Metairfare:

Any modifications in the route or duration of the journey are subject to the flight fare rules. We are free to rearrange flight routes and times owing to changes in environmental circumstances such as weather or as a consequence of political changes. In the event of significant changes, we will provide advance notice as soon as possible. In this situation, we will provide you with different route options or dates to meet your needs, as well as a package of comparable cost and standard. If you have some time before your flight, we have a few options for you:

You can accept the changed schedule.

You have the option of replacing your vacation with one of equivalent quality. It would be a good offer from us if you had the ability to choose alternate excursions without having to pay any further fees. If your replacement trip is less expensive than the original, we will swiftly refund the difference. If you don’t like the vacation we’ve put together for you, you can decline and choose from alternative options. And you must pay for such arrangements, which means you must pay an additional fee for a package that we do not offer, and we will reimburse you if your package is less expensive than the original.

All of the preceding points are not relevant to small and large adjustments; we will respond to your questions and provide you with compensation and refunds if we owe you any. All depends on the conditions, and in some cases, we may not be obligated to pay you everything. There are always exceptions, so keep this in mind:

If we are compelled to change the flights, no reimbursement will be given to anyone. It can happen as a result of unforeseen and unpredictable events that are beyond our control.

Furthermore, if you commit fraud or failure to comply with company policies or booking terms, no refunds or reimbursements will be given. In this situation, we will be forced to cancel the flight prior warning, and you will not be refunded.

Cancellations and Alterations attributable to Travelers

Due to “force majeure,” we may be required to cancel your flight after you depart and before the completion of your vacation. If this happens, we’re sorry but we won’t be able to offer you a refund until we get it from our suppliers. You will not be compensated, nor will you be reimbursed for any expenditures or expenses incurred on your own, and this will only happen in exceptional circumstances.Important: All vacation packages, including air tickets, are non-refundable. Only if the following requirements are met will refund requests be considered.

If the rules provide for refunds.

Only until we get a return from our suppliers will we process your refund claims. After you complete your refund request, you will receive an email confirming that our customer care person has received it. This does not imply that you are eligible for a refund. First and foremost, we will check with the airlines to see if there are any possible fare rules. Then, if the airlines permit refunds, your request will be considered and a refund issued. Refunds can take up to 4-6 weeks to get in your account.

Changes After Purchase:-

Bookings may be canceled on rare occasions due to circumstances beyond our control. While we make every effort to avoid canceling or making changes to reservations, we reserve the right to do so without notice. Some changes are minimal and have little impact on travelers, but others have the potential to disrupt travel arrangements and must be avoided.

These adjustments consider your lodging, departure times, and travel destinations. All of them can be altered to a location that is more easy for you to access, and this will be done in the event that your trip is coordinated by us.

Changes to flight dates and times are subject to availability and payment of a change charge per passenger, as well as any additional costs incurred in between initial total price paid and the lowest overall price available for the new trip.

  • Unless otherwise specified, all airline ticket reservations are non-refundable. Any change, transfer, or cancellation of airfare or dynamic packages (flight + hotel) affecting the booked flight(s) will result in costs up to the price of the air tickets purchased, including all fees, taxes, and charges.
  • Cancellations can only be made over the phone. Only if the essential requirements are met may we consider refund requests:
  • We cooperate with the airline or other connected providers to process refund requests depending on the fare rule.
  • It may actually take 4-6 weeks for a refund to be completed.
  • Any confirmation made after the time limit has passed may incur additional charges. In order to cancel the first reservation, you must also return the confirmation document.
  • Any cancellation or change to your reservation may incur charges that will be invoiced to you or deducted from any refund due in the event of cancellation.
  • You are not excused from paying all payments owed to METAIRFARE and are not entitled to a refund if you cancel your booking, have an interrupted or abbreviated stay, or do not use any Service.

Travel Documents:-

The procedure for producing travel documents and/or tickets is determined by the amount of time between the date of issue and the date of departure, as well as the type of service you require. METAIRFARE and Do Not Accept Any Responsibility if a passenger provides inaccurate information.Only the traveler who puts the order and individually agrees to these Terms and Conditions will receive travel documents.


METAIRFARE strongly advises travelers to acquire travel, cancellation, lost baggage, and medical emergency insurance before embarking on their voyage. METAIRFARE does not take accountability for any uninsured damages, therefore you can easily file a claim in the event of damage or loss.

Travel Risks, Passports, Visas and Health Needs:-

You must check that all relevant travel documentation, such as your visa, passport, and insurance, are up to date before departing. You should have your valid visa, passport, certificates and permits, as well as any medical certificates, with you when traveling outside the nation. A passport and visa valid for at least six months are required for international travel. Non-citizens should contact the consular office to learn more about the trip’s requirements.

Passport / Visa Requirements:-

Every passenger must have a valid government-issued passport or identification card. All foreign ports of entry require that travelers have the required paperwork, including visas, transit visas, Schengen visas, and other entry permits.

When entering your destination, make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months after your return date. It is completely the duty of the passenger(s) to obtain the necessary documents for entry into the nation to which you are traveling or transiting.

Certain overseas cities may require a round-trip or continuous ticket. In case you are traveling one way, we request you to check with the airline or Consulate General ahead of time to be safe from any problems at the airport.

Laws and Customs:-

Every country has its own set of laws, customs, and risks, so passengers traveling to other countries should indeed be prepared for the unexpected. METAIRFARE is not accountable for any issues, and we should not be held accountable.
Our services only comprise organizing your vacation; we do not promise that you will not have any troubles during your trip. You should follow the destination’s local rules and regulations for ease of travel. METAIRFARE will not be liable for any damages, losses, or additional expenses incurred as a result of your failure to do so.

Follow Conduct and Legal Rules:-

METAIRFARE reserves the right to cancel your trip if any traveler appears to be unruly with the personnel or other travelers. In this instance, you will be responsible for the cost of an alternate trip and accommodation.
Because data comes from a variety of sources and providers, not all of the information displayed on our site is guaranteed to be correct. So, before you book any vacation, conduct some study or investigation using the information on our website. It is necessary to conduct research to ensure that our site meets all of your criteria.

Marketing Materials:-

We use numerous types of photographs connected to lodgings, restaurants, bars, clubs, and travel destinations on our website, bulletins, and brochures. All of these aren’t recommended because they come from a third-party source and are presented for marketing purposes. We do not give accurate representations of our services here, and we cannot guarantee that the material in the brochure, newsletter, or website is current.
You should not use the information on our website as advice, and you should conduct your own research to confirm the services listed on our website.

Not Responsible for Liability:-


Disclaimer of Warranties:-



You agree to defend and indemnify Metairfare, its affiliates, partners, joint ventures, and/or their respective suppliers, as well as any of their respective officers, directors, managers, employees, and agents, against any and all claims, causes of action, demands, recoveries, losses, damages, fines, penalties, or other costs or expenses of any kind or nature, including but not limited to reasonable legal and accounting fees, brought by:

-you or on your behalf in excess of the above-mentioned liability;
-by third parties as a result of your violation of these Terms & Conditions, notices, or documents referenced on the Website; your violation of any law or a third party’s rights;or
-your access to and use of the Website

Air Transport:-

We only book flights via our suppliers or 3rd-party vendors, and because we are not aware of all of the carriage systems of airlines or aircrafts, we are not able to keep you up to date on everything, and our brochures or advertisements may contain information that differs from that provided by the airlines, METAIRFARE cannot be held liable if any vendor changes flight timings, reschedules your trip, changes your seats and sort of aircraft, or cancels the flight.

In case this occurs, you should call your individual airlines to obtain complete flight information and guarantee that you arrive at your location on time or ahead of schedule. METAIRFARE will not reimburse you if you miss your flight or have any other problems while on the road, or in case your boarding is rejected because of the reason of missing documentation.

It is your obligation to examine whether you will be able to attain the 2nd airport on time if you are going on stopover flights and have booked two tickets. METAIRFARE will not recommend anything in this regard, and you must ensure that you have sufficient boarding scheduled time at the second airport, which is the case for flights that are connected. You will be responsible for all expenses to go to the second airport; we will not pay anything, and there will be no reimbursements if you skip the second flight.

METAIRFARE will not pay any compensation or claims resulting from airline cancellations, lags, or adjustments. We will not be held liable if you bother to notice in or boarding your flight because of your error or any health requirements.

Problems related to e-tickets:-

Every booking must include an e-ticket, according to IATA (International Air Transport Association). However, due to technological challenges, babies under the age of two may not receive an e-ticket, and if this occurs, we will be unable to reserve your reservation. We have no control over the situation and are not responsible for anything. We can propose alternate routes; if you choose to take them, that is OK; if you do not, we will be forced to cancel your reservation, and you will be refunded within 30 days.

Check-in Problem:-

Your flight will be immediately canceled if you fail to notice on time at all under the circumstances. If you have a return trip, we recommend contacting us on the day of departure to ensure that the return flight is available.

Connecting Flights:-

If your flight is canceled or delayed for whatever reason, airlines will arrange for you to be transported by bus or train instead. If you book your connecting transportation with us, make sure to book flexible or refunded tickets to avoid any financial losses.


It is your responsibility to double-check your return ticket with local carriers 48 hours before your flight. If you bought your ticket through an agent, they are responsible for confirming your flight. If this is not done, your seat will be given to someone else if no confirmation is received from you. METAIRFARE shall not be liable for reconfirming your return ticket if you fail to do so.


If your luggage is mishandled, damaged, or lost, METAIRFARE has no liability. Only if there is a valid explanation for the loss or damage caused by the airline’s mistake is the airline liable for reimbursement.
If you contact your airline and announce the damage, absence, or loss of your personal belongings before leaving the airport, and then file a declaration with the originals of the travel ticket, baggage check-in slip, and declaration, you may be eligible for compensation.

Kids and babies:-

An infant is a child under the age of two who does not require a separate seat. However, most airlines require you to pay the fare, which is typically 10% of the adult fare.On some flights, children (between the ages of 2 and 11) may be eligible for a ticket reduction.


Pregnant women are subject to several limitations when flying. Different airlines have different limits on pregnant women flying on board planes, which can range from 7 to 30 days prior to the due date. If you are refused boarding, METAIRFARE is not responsible.

Medical and Physical Conditions:-

We offer several excursions that include activities such as skiing, surfing, diving, and other activities that need you to be in excellent health. As a result, as a traveler, you should not bring anything that could hurt your health on a trip, and METAIRFARE will not be held liable if anything goes wrong. Activities such as skiing and surfing require your heart and mind to be stable and strong, and if you are not sufficiently suited to participate in these activities, we advise you not to do so because we will not be responsible for any mishaps.
Travelers will be accountable for their own health, whether it is mental, physical, or otherwise. If a major issue arises, METAIRFARE assumes no responsibility for it. It is conceivable that a physician will see you, but we will not pay for any treatment and you will be responsible for paying for it yourself. We are also not responsible if something bad happens to you.

Disputes & Governing Law:-

The laws of the United States will govern these Terms and Conditions and the connection between Traveler and Metairfare, without respect to its conflict of law rules.

Attorney’s Fees, Costs, and Expenses of Suit:-

The successful party shall be entitled to attorney’s fees, costs, and expenses if any act of law or equity is filed to enforce our Privacy Policy, METAIRFARE website, or other literature or materials concerning Metairfare.

Force Majeure:-

METAIRFARE is not liable for any event that occurs due to extreme weather or is beyond our control. Force majeure indicates that some circumstances are beyond our control, and we must take required actions as a result of such circumstances, such as canceling or postponing a flight or any other travel-related activity. Earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, mudslides, security alerts, war, labor disputes, disease outbreaks, and other natural disasters are examples of conditions over which we have no control. We cannot guarantee your returns in such instances, and you will not be able to recover your money from Metairfare, as we have the right to cancel or postpone any flight due to Force Majeure.

Entire Agreement:-

All of these terms and conditions represent both METAIRFARE and the traveler’s joint understanding. METAIRFARE makes no promise that if someone breaches these terms and conditions, action will be taken, and no waivers or adjustments will be given under any clause unless both parties sign these terms and conditions.

Credit Card Chargebacks:-

You can file a charge dispute with your credit card company (“chargebacks”). If you have a question about a charge on your credit card statement, we encourage you to contact METAIRFARE before disputing it with your credit card provider so that we can discuss and address any questions or issues you may have regarding our charges. METAIRFARE will work with you to resolve your problems in all circumstances. METAIRFARE reserves the right to contest any chargeback that it considers is improper, as detailed further below. METAIRFARE also reserves the right to completely cancel any booking in the event of a chargeback.

METAIRFARE considers the following chargeback situations to be improper and reserves the right to investigate and refute any such chargeback claims, as well as to recover the expenses of such chargeback claims from you.

  • Chargebacks for non-cancellable bookings in the event that METAIRFARE or the airline is unable to give a refund, regardless of whether the booking is used.
  • Chargebacks for charges approved by family, friends, acquaintances, or other third parties who have direct access to your credit card.
  • Chargebacks resulting from the airline’s failure to deliver a product or service in accordance with the product description.
  • Chargebacks as a result of force majeure or other events outside Metairfare’s control.
  • Chargebacks for services or products that you have used in full or in part.

To be clear, we may use information about you, including recordings of customer care calls, chat records & email exchanges to contest chargeback claims from you.You hereby irrevocably authorize METAIRFARE to charge your credit card (and / or retain from your customer’s account) the amount of any chargeback handled by the bank and related to the services or products that you have utilized fully or partially.
You hereby fully authorize METAIRFARE to charge your credit card (and / or retain from your customer’s account) the amount of any chargeback fees imposed by the bank on the chargeback requested by you without merit and later rejected by the bank.

You acknowledge that it is your personal decision to travel and that you are doing so with full knowledge of current travel guidelines and travel limits regarding COVID-19 hazards. We accept no responsibility for, and will not be held liable for, harmful conditions or health hazards, such as pandemics or other illnesses. We have no unique knowledge of potential hazards while traveling or at destinations. We recommend visiting the State Department’s travel website at www.travel.state.gov, clicking on “Find International Travel Information,” then clicking on “Country Information,” and entering the name of the target country. We recommend visiting the Centers for Disease Control website at www.cdc.gov/travel, then clicking on “Destinations” and scrolling to the name of the target country for medical and health information. We accept no responsibility for COVID-19-related procedures imposed by travel suppliers or governments, such as health affidavit forms, health checks prior to departure or upon arrival, facial coverings, or quarantines. We recommend visiting IATA’s website at https://www.iatatravelcentre.com for the most recent COVID-19 government travel rules.Check the supplier’s home page for the most recent specifications. We are not liable for the conduct or omissions of travel suppliers, including their inability to adhere to their own timetables, provide services or refunds, financial default, or failure to fulfill future trip credits. We have no specific knowledge of the financial position of the suppliers, and we bear no liability for advising a trip credit instead of a refund. If requested, we will assist in getting any due refunds or rebooking trips using future credits, however we may charge a nonrefundable fee for such services